Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Izek’s Quest: P399 for Vocal Coaching Session on Public Speaking (73% off)

Only P399 for a Vocal Coaching Session on Public Speaking (an hour and a half) at Izek’s Quest Araneta Avenue, Quezon City (valued at P1,500)

• Voucher is valid for a (1) Session of Vocal Coaching on Public Speaking (an hour and a half).
• Voucher is valid for three (3) months, from July 4 to October 4, 2011
• Unlimited voucher purchase per person
• Only one (1) voucher can be used per person.
• The first step in vocal coaching is understanding one’s voice. For this, Izek’s Quest teaches students to become aware of the sound of their voice and to know how it is produced.
• Students will also be taught basic breathing exercises to stimulate the diaphragm which will help them achieve a rounder and fuller vocal sound. The organs of articulation (lips, tongue, jaw and soft palate) are also stimulated with exercises for clear speech.
• Izek’s Quest starts each session off with several exercises to develop flexibility and vocal accuracy to train students how to express themselves clearly. Always hear people say that you “eat” your words or that you mumble? Sessions with Izek’s Quest will help you improve your speech and earn the admiration of your peers.
• Wanting to be a voice talent? Izek’s Quest can help you with vocal and facial expressions so people can feel what you are talking about through your voice alone.
• Into sales and marketing? With Izek’s Quest, you will be able to learn to improve your speaking skills to make your sales and marketing pitches pop. Learn how to speak and present to groups large and small with different vocal techniques. One of the key lessons is how to please your audience. With these sessions, you will be ready to face all kinds of clients in no time.
• Over time you will be able to find the speaking style that you are most comfortable in and automatically turn on your “speaker mode” to control stage fright. Izek’s Quest will also teach you how to participate in the development and delivery of information in the most natural, effective and credible way. You come out of the sessions more confident and secure in your speaking and vocal skills.

Izek’s Quest
#420 C White House Condominium, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City
Phone #: 0906-3167256/0923-3306639

Butterflies in your stomach, a knot in your throat and a feeling like you want to dash to the nearest bathroom. Do you experience these whenever you even think of speaking to a crowd? Have your sales numbers been suffering because of your shabby pitches? Let Izek’s Quest help you overcome your public speaking woes by teaching you voice techniques, self-confidence and effective communication, through its one-and-half-hour vocal coaching session on public speaking.

Izek’s Quest Production is a company that offers image enhancement and public speaking services to people who are hungry for success and eager to improve themselves. By getting technical knowledge of the voice as well as participating in a set of public speaking exercises, students get to enrich their knowledge on how to use their own unique voices to improve their performance at work and to advance their interpersonal skills in general.

The company was established by Roji Soriano. Backed by his experience as a professional singer, vocal coach, toast master and event organizer, Soriano can transform you into a vibrant persona with an energy and voice to match. If you think that you will never be able to get over your speech problems, Izek’s Quest will change that. After all, it is in the business of making things happen.

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• Price is inclusive of all service charge and VAT.
• All paid transactions are non refundable.
• Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any discount card or promotion.
• Voucher is valid as a discount coupon.
• Merchant suggests voucher-holders to make reservations 1 to 3 days prior to redemption.
• Failure to redeem vouchers within validity period will render the voucher invalid.
• Operating Hours : Only (2) sessions per day
• 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM
• 06:00 PM to 7:30 PM
• Voucher is not valid for use on special occasions and public holidays.
• Voucher is valid from Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions are strictly for reservations only.
• Only (6) persons are accommodated per session.
• Please provide your voucher serial numbers upon reservation and present your Ensogo vouchers upon arrival at the establishment.
• For inquiries and reservations, please call Mr Roji at 0906-3167256/0923-3306639.

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