Saturday, July 2, 2011

Insight Edtech Asia: P380 for SOULSEARCH Core Group Workshops (68% off)

Manifest Your Highest Desires with SOULSEARCH Core Group Workshops

  • SOULSEARCH Schedules are open.
  • Venue: Unit 314 Xavierville Royale Condominium, #61 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Hts., Quezon City (Ateneo area)
  • 5 Day reservation is a MUST to accommodate all. Contact Dealspot 09063122714 or Francine de las Alas at 09154370179 for reservation
  • For inquiries, Call Dealspot at 7275325 or Francine de las Alas at 434 3055/09154370179
  • Not Valid with other offers. Please see rules that apply to all deals.
  • E-vouchers good for one session only
  • Maximum 5 initial vouchers can be purchased for first 5 sessions.
  • E-vouchers are transferrable provided an endorsement letter must be given
  • Kindly present valid ID for proper identification
  • No cash back for any unused vouchers
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.
  • Launching Price at P380.00 from P1,200 per session
  • Personalized Facilitation
  • Make Your Own Appointment
  • Focused on one tool at a time
  • Easy to Use Tools and Techniques that
    • Produce Your Highest Desires
    • Attract Your Most Wanted Phenomenal Events
    • Actualize Your Vision
  • By product of Easy to Use Tools and Techniques
    • Changed Mindset and Attitude
    • Changed Behavior and Habits
    • Expand Happiness Set Point
  • Facilitated and Authored by Host of Your Infinite Possibilities Radio Talkshow
  • Be Included in the Inspiring Transformational Story Feature for the upcoming book

Insight Edtech Asia,(IEA) Inc.
Unit 314 Xavierville Royale Condominium
Xavierville Ave. Loyola Hts.
Quezon City

Harmony in life begins with having love, peace, bliss and prosperity. We all wish for better relationships, more income, more wealth, more opportunities, more security, more happiness. All of these can be yours with just the transformation of your inner-self. Your SOULSEARCH is about fulfilling your highest desires, your vision and witnessing your amazing events unfold. What you will get with the initial voucher is an experience in clarifying your vision and your intention. It will give you a taste of sustained happiness, a necessary piece in creating the life you want. Session’s most important talk will dwell on the relationship between happiness and your highest desires.

The initial voucher allows you a single two(2) hour session. This is designed to clarify and align both your vision and intention. The session walks you through the vision you want in each of 6 major life areas. This stage is forming and connecting with your specific highest desires. It can be owning a home, a car, better career, a happier relationship or income opportunities. Part of the session also facilitates drawing out initial inconsistencies with your current mindset, attitudes, habits that block your complete happiness. The session also includes an exercise that grow your happiness set point, a necessary component in generating your highest desires.

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