Monday, August 8, 2011

OneHealth Systems: P250 for P500 worth of Vitamins and Antibiotics. Download a Vooucher for FREE! (50% off)

Only P250 on All Vitamins and Antibiotics at OneHealth Systems (valued at P500)

• Only members are eligible to grab the coupon
• One (1) voucher is good for one member.
• Voucher is valid from August 9, 2011 to August 9, 2012.
• Present coupon together with your valid ID (and Rx if applicable) to avail of promo.
• Please contact OneHealth Systems at 7149168 / 0917-8330015 / 0922-8183388 and inquire about the availability of your order.
• Pickup at Sta. Mesa office or via shipment (minimal cost to be shouldered by recipient).
• one year from date of issuance
• All medicines listed in our price list are included (from vitamins to antibiotics, etc.)
• For prescription medicines, a copy of the Rx is needed
• Capsules and tablets are sold by box of 100s, unless otherwise indicated. Syrups, suspensions and drops are sold per bottle.

OneHealth Systems Co., Inc.
Metro Manila, PH
Phone: 7149168 / 0917-8330015 / 0922-8183388 encourages everybody to save while spending benefits of your health. Along with the skyrocketing prices on medications recently, OneHealth Systems is here with us to help you save a fortune by providing you with safe and effective medicines not offered in ordinary pharmacies! Grab your chances now and stock up some drugs at these low prices only at OneHealth Systems!

Taking medications is important to our health. Most people take it occasionally to combat illness. At some point in our lives, we go to the pharmacy with a prescription in hand to get the medication necessary for our health. However, purchasing medicine can be expensive therefore some people tend to buy the drugs one at a time until they reach the amount prescribed to them.

Thanks to OneHealth Systems, people can now avail of the generic drugs which have compound properties the same as the branded ones. There are some branded medications that don't have their own counterparts in the form of generic drugs in a particular pharmacy in town. If you are on the look-out for that counterpart drug, buy it from the reputable drug supplier in town only at OneHealth Systems!

Some people pour second thoughts about the effectiveness of generic drugs. We unconsciously misname its essentials not only to our budget but to our health as well.

Generic drugs are regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration. Therefore, it is proven to be just as effective as the branded medication. The chemical compounds, dosage and method of administration in which one takes the medication is the same as the branded versions. Some differences lies only on the size, color, and taste between the generics and the branded drugs.

OneHealth Systems provides you the counterpart versions of the branded drugs which you cannot purchase in any ordinary pharmacy in town. They are committed to provide you with quality medicines ranging from therapeutic, hygiene to respiratory products at affordable prices without comprising the overall desired health care results.

As long as you have your physician's permit for the correct active drug, don’t hesitate to buy the generic brand of the medicine so you don’t have to go over your budget while caring for your health. Buy only from the reputable drug supplier, OneHealth Systems!

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