Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shiro Shiro: P399 for 5 Course Set Meals for 2 (60% off)

60% Off: Taste the Unique Flavors of Japan with Shiro Shiro's Delicious 5 Course Set Meals for 2 Persons for P399 instead of P1000

  • Voucher validity: Aug. 16, 2011 until Dec. 16, 2011
  • Valid every day, lunch and dinner time
  • Please call for reservations after you purchased your MetroDeal voucher
  • Price is Net (includes VAT and service charge)
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want

  • Experience traditional & contemporary Japanese cuisine prepared by some of the best Japanese chefs in the Philippines
  • 3 different set meals to choose from, each one good for 2 persons
  • Enjoy authentic fine dining & Japanese food, offering far more than just sushi
  • Includes delights such as Menchi Katsu, Tiger Prawn Rolls and their famous sushi & sashimi platter
  • Bask in the opulent atmosphere of this restaurant located inside the prestigious Boulevard Mansion, at the Manila Bay

Shiro Shiro Japanese Restaurant
G/F Boulevard Hotel & Residential Suites, 1440 Roxas Blvd. cor. Salas St., Ermita, Manila
Phone: 353-1179

Japan is a country full of culinary delights and with today's MetroDeal, Shiro Shiro, a Japanese luxury restaurant nestled at the Manila Bay, brings you the most delightful dishes for a heartwarming 60% off. For P399 instead of P1000, be captured by the unique tastes and flavors of Shiro Shiro's three newly created 5-course set meals good for 2 persons showcasing the rich and different facettes of the Japanese cuisine. From the hip and contemporary restaurant scene in Tokyo to the ancient cooking traditions in Kyoto and the fresh and unique island cuisine of Okinawa - during your culinary journey be prepared for pleasant memories that will surely leave a smile on your face.

MetroDeal voucher holders can choose between one of the following three delectable 5-course set meals good for 2 persons, designed by Japanese celebrity chef Keitaro Kawasaki, valid for both lunch and dinner time:

Okinawa Set
On this beautiful island, Okinawan Chefs have three rules: keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it natural. This set stays true to its traditions by using only freshly harvested ingredients, prepared in a delectable fashion where natural flavors of food are highlighted and celebrated.

1. Choregi Salada - Mixed vegetable salad with sesame dressing
2. Tiger Prawn Roll - Crunchy whole tiger prawn in sushi roll
3. Emperor Soup - A light and clear fresh vegetable broth
4. Sushi/Sashimi Platter - Assorted sushi and sashimi
5. Mango and Avocado Tempura - Sliced Mango and Avocado battered and deep fried, served with vanilla ice-cream

Tokyo Set
Top chefs from all around the world keep a close eye on what is going on in the culinary world of Tokyo. This set captures the themes of old meets new, east meets west - just what you can expect, when visiting the vibrant city of Tokyo.

1. B.L.T. Salada - Bacon lettuce and tomato salad with a Japanese twist
2. Menchi Katsu - Breaded and deep-fried ground pork croquettes on a bed of sliced cabbage leaves
3. Tamago Soup - Soft Egg soup
4. Kamameshi - Kettle rice dish made with squid ink and seafood
5. Tempura Ice-cream - Scoop of vanilla ice-cream deep fried in tempura batter on a bed of baked apples with chocolate and grenadine sauce

Kyoto Set:
For centuries people from Kyoto have lived well into their 90s by enjoying the delicious and healthy food of their region. This set brings you the healthiest and most nutritious aspects of Japanese cuisine.

1. Salmon Skin Salada - Crunchy salmon skin on a fresh bed of salad greens
2. Wagyu Aspara Rolls - Asparagus stalks wrapped in wagyu beef and drizzled with teppanyaki sauce
3. Tonjiro Soup - Pork and vegetable miso soup
4. Tofu Steak - Tofu steaks and mushrooms teppanyaki style
5. Heavenly Fresh Fruit Platter

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