Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yoshi's Ice Cream: Get 1 Scoop of Ice Cream for every purchase of Yoshi's Ice Cream Premium Concoctions worth at least P140. Download a Voucher for FREE!

Get One Free Scoop of Ice Cream for every purchase of Yoshi's Ice Cream Premium Concoctions worth P140 or above

• Only members are eligible to grab.
• Voucher is valid for a month.
• Voucher must be presented before purchasing.
• Only two (2) vouchers per member.
• Business hours : SM The Block North Edsa ( 10:00 am to 9:00 pm )
Robinsons Place Manila ( 10:00 am to 9:00 pm )

Yoshi's Ice Cream
SM The Block North Edsa and Robinsons Place Manila
Metro Manila, PH
Phone: 9138851 is blending the simple and sweet joys of life in a frozen form of delight. Each scoop of ice cream is worth P55 per serving but with this deal, you can get one for free! Just purchase Yoshi’s great combinations and instantly get a free scoop. Get your new sheer love and let your palate ride in the refreshing mixes of Yoshi's Ice Cream!

We think not. We know that some of life's peculiar trials lead to prolonged sadness, depression, or simply stress. Some of us are perennially disappointed in ourselves and can barely get the hang of it. Or, sometimes, it is just the other way around. We feel happiness and become impulsive at nearly everything we do. We feel profuse goodness and feel nothing will get into our way as long as we are happy.

Whether we feel good or bad, it comes to a point we place ourselves enjoying some of life's simple indulgences. We crave. We want something to complement the swing of the mood, whether we are feeling good or bad. It will be something that sparks more flavor to our life. And one common resort is ice cream.
Ice Cream is Life That's Exquisite

Yoshi's Ice Cream interestingly depicts life through how they create and concoct the ice cream goodness they serve. They a have a unique twist on how they prepare their desserts. They serve it “teppanyaki” style wherein ice cream is concocted on a frozen mixing plate using the wide selection of “mish-mash.”

“Mish-mash” includes candies, cookies, chocolates, cakes, sprinkles, fruits, peanuts, cream blends, tea, and even wine. They don't have the so-called “ice cream” toppings we commonly see perched atop on an ordinary ice cream we buy somewhere. The “mish-mash” is continuously mixed with ice cream using a frozen plate and spades until the ingredients are fully blended. The ice cream becomes a representation of life. It is a mix of anything good and bad. If put together, just like Yoshi's Ice Cream, we can see and feel it is beautiful and fascinating. It depicts color, contrast and is never boring.

Here are some variety of Yoshi's Ice Cream flavors to choose from: bubble gum and cookies 'n cream for the kids, pistachio choco, kitkat craze, Baileys, Oreo, white cheesecake, white choco peanut, choco mudpie, mocha frappe mix, choco mallow surprise, banana split, choco overload, and even green tea and wine for the adult market. Create your ice cream the way you imagine it!
We All Crave for Ice Cream!

If you ever get that craving for ice cream, we highly suggest you try Yoshi's ice cream and indulge yourself in their heavenly creation that's rich, creamy and absolutely refreshing. Create your own cold treat of happiness that will leave you wanting more!

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