Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soltera Wigs and Hair Extensions: P1375 for 19-Inch Clip-On Hair Extensions (50% off)

P1375 instead of P2750 for a 16-inch clip-on hair extensions from Soltera

  • Groupon is valid for 3 months
  • Limit 1 Groupon per person
  • May purchase multiple Groupons
  • Appointment required, call +632.227.5572 or +63.917.806.0376 or send an email at
  • Salon hours: Monday - Saturday from 10:30am - 7:00pm
  • Black out dates: Major holidays

  • 11 clips; 4pcs extensions (1pc 4 clips + 1pc 3 clips + 2pcs 2 clips)
  • Available textures: Silky Straight, Body Wave and Soft Curls
  • Matches hair perfectly

Soltera Hair Extensions
206 NAF Building, 2296 Pasong Tamo
1200 Makati City

Before the inception of skirts, tank tops and dresses, long hair was once the only thing that could distinguish the girls from the boys. Celebrate womanhood with today’s Groupon: P1375 instead of P2750 for a 16-inch clip-on hair extensions from Soltera.

Perms, color dyes, hair relaxing, rebonding and bleach permanently damage those silky smoothes. Good thing Soltera provides only virgin human hair that can perfectly match one’s own mane with respect to both texture and color. These hair extensions can be colored, highlighted, permed, blow-dried, flat ironed and curled to create or imitate any look found on those EDSA billboards and salon magazines. Plus, the magic does not end there- these nifty clip-ons behave exactly like natural looking hair, no matter what you do with them. Like crossword puzzles and building blocks, there are steps to transforming from a dugong to a mermaid:

1. Section hair and tie it up with hair pins.

2. Open all of the secure-lock comb clips before application by holding both ends of a single clip with the pointer fingers and thumb.

3. From the hairline measure three inches going up to create the first layer

4. Attach the three-clips clip on extensions on the first layer

5. Attach the middle clip of the extension first to the middle section on your parting: snap clip closed by adding pressure to both ends in the opposite direction.

5. Take the right-ended clip with right hand and clip it to the right front corner section of the parting; repeat this for left ended clip

6. Attach the 4 clips clip on extensions on the second layer.

7. The remaining 2 sets of 2 clips will be attached on both sides of the head.

8. You should have to part the sides of your head. Get a few section of your hair, maybe about 2 inches above the area of the ear and attach the 2pcs clip on there. Do the same on the other side of the head.

Why wait months for long luscious hair? Why spend money on hair growth products on tx shopping? With this Groupon, have Rapunzel like ropes in a jiffy.

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