Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shiela Biz: Buy One Get 1 on Assorted Perfumes. Download Voucher for FREE! (50% off)

Buy One, Take One on assorted perfumes at Shiela Biz

• Only members are eligible to grab the deal
• Limit of three (3) coupons per one (1) account
• Vouchers can be given as gift to friends and family members
• Promo Validity: June 30, 2011 – December 31, 2011
• Payments can be made at the pick up point.
• Meet ups can be scheduled from Monday-Friday (11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. or from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Ground Floor Times Plaza Bldg., U.N. Avenue cor. Taft Avenue, Manila. Look for Ms. Shiela and send her a text message once you get there.
• Orders should be made one (1) day before actual delivery

Shiela Biz
Meet up point: Ground Floor Times Plaza Bldg., U.N. Avenue cor. Taft Avenue, Manila
Metro Manila, PH
Phone: 0922-871-6636 (Ms. Irmi Shiela Dingding)

We exert much effort in looking good. We allot a portion of our savings to supply for our beauty care and other health regimen. We invest on our clothes and shoes and even purchase accessories to glam up our overall getup. Dressing up from head to toe is something we pay significant consideration in putting together. But apart from looking good, smelling good can do much in pulling up the ante when it comes to achieving an improved exterior appearance.
Wear your Signature Scent

That leads us to the subject of perfume. Synthetically made or produced from natural extracts, the perfume gives off a fragrant smell. We associate scents with people, places, and things. The moment we smell something familiar, it suddenly ignites memories of whatever it is we identify the fragrance with.

Besides bringing back fond recollections, people wear perfume for another more common reason. That is to smell good, as what have been said earlier. There is a wide selection of scent variants available in the market today. It can be attributed to the fact that the perfume making industry caters to a large number of consumers with distinct and discriminating tastes. The huge variety proves to be an advantage because although people have a certain scent preference, there are those who wear different fragrances depending on their mood that changes practically frequent. There are those who basically just choose to expand their perfume wardrobe. Some also consider the occasion and the weather among other things in selecting perfume.

Just as people match a perfume's fragrance to their mood, to the occasion, or to the weather, scents can also be chosen in relation to one's personality. Regardless of the consideration, perfumes play a role in a person's expression of his or her individuality. To a certain degree, wearing your signature scent sets you apart from all the rest. Your signature scent serves as an extension if not a complement to your being you. People remember you for it and you sort of make your presence felt by it. All in all, perfumes exist not only for the sole purpose of giving off a distinctive pleasant scent. More importantly, they also provides the platform for style expression while tapping to the more emotional realm of human beings by evoking remembrances of things that a particular smell represents.
Buy One Scent and Get Another Variant of the Same Price

For this promo, if you don't want to have two bottles of the same kind, you can opt to get two different variants as long as they are offered at the same price. You can contact Ms. Irmi Shiela Dingding at 0922-871-6636 for a complete list of the perfumes and their corresponding prices.

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