Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starbucks Coffee: P50 for P100 worth of Gift Certificate. Limited Quantity! Deal starts at 2pm today! (50% off)

50% off Starbucks Gift Certificate! Dine, Drink and Just Chill Out!

  • Promo will start today at 2:00pm. Limited offer only!
  • Gift Certificate is valid for one year.
  • One (1) voucher purchase per person.
  • Vouchers are transferable and may be given as a gift.
  • Starbucks Gift Certificate shall be claimed at Heart & Arrows Stores.
  • Store hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10:00am-12:00nn; 1:00-5:30pm
  • For inquiries please call 727-5325

  • Starbucks Coffee Gift Certificates at 50% off
  • Delight yourself with a drink of your choice or some bread to satisfy that hunger.
  • May be claimed from any of the 9 branches of Hearts & Arrows Stores

Hearts & Arrows
Multiple Branches

Do you have those days when you just wish you could spend some time in a coffee shop, catching up with your friends, reviewing for a big exam or simply reading that best-selling novel you keep meaning to read? Well that’s what coffee shops are for! And it’s because of these wonderful places that we get the most thins done in whatever we’ve been meaning to do so.

Care for a Starbucks coffee? It is not a question anymore, since many of us, just even by the name, would say a big YES! Well, who wouldn't? Starbucks Coffee is a well-known coffee shop not only in the Philippines but around the globe. People who don’t even want coffee still go to the place.

It is because they are offering a variety goods and even commodities; from the old-fashioned espresso, macchiato, frapuccino to decaf drinks, non caffeine and even flavorful teas and juices. May it be hot, iced or blended, you will definitely have Starbucks Coffee as top of the choice. From having a regular coffee, they added compliments to it, a few munchies that will satisfy that tummy as you spend the day to chill or catch up with anything you are please to do. Now, they even add some trinkets that you may bring home to your youngster at home such as tumblers, plush toys and more.

It’s not with the name but because of the experience. Many would have the perception that going to Starbucks mean spending much. It’s not with how much it is that people like to splurge their money and time here, but with the mere experience that you have in just staying at the place gives more to what you’ll be spending.

So let Dealspot Group Buying Philippines give you a taste of that. With 50% off, you may purchase Starbucks Gift Certificates! Starbucks Gift Certificates are easy to use over-the-counter and very light to bring. Use it for yourself, share it with a friend or give it to a loved one. Now, everybody get the chance to savour themselves with a little bit of Starbucks experience!

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