Sunday, August 7, 2011

Widget City: As low as P500 for Sennheiser Earphones & Headphones (up to 50% off)

Only P1,950 instead of P3,000 for Sennheiser HD218 headphones. Only P1,750 instead of P3,499 for a Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports Earphones. Only P 500 instead of P1,000 for Sennheiser MX360 Earphones.

  • Valid from August 22 until September 30, 2011.
  • Valid for pick up at Widget City from 9am-5pm daily.
  • For delivery, you may make arrangements with Widget City directly.
  • Not valid with other promos.

  • Very impressive sound from German audiophile headphone kings.
  • Three awesome Sennheiser headphones and earphones to choose from!
  • Sennheiser HD218 Headphones - Closed stereo all the way!
  • Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports Earphones - Made for the active and rugged lifestyle!
  • Sennheiser MX 360 Earphones - Stylish masters of sound!
  • All models deliver a rich, auditory experience thanks to stereo sound and powerful bass!
  • Made of high quality materials - Won't break easily!
  • Designed for optimum comfort and style - you would want to be seen with these!
  • Available for pick up or charge delivery.

Widget City
1655 Taft Avenue, Victoria de Manila Building, 18th floor

Hear ye! Hear ye! Audiophiles, lend us your ears! We're about to throw the biggest listeners party this side of anywhere! Get a load of these bass-pumping, beat-popping offerings from Sennheiser courtesy of this exclusive CashCashPinoy deal!

Sennheiser HD218 Headphones for only P1,950 instead of P3,000!
Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports Earphones for only P1,750 instead of P1,750!
Sennheiser MX 360 Earphones for only P500 instead of P1,000!

The Sennheiser HD218 is the grand daddy of all headphones! These cans block out external noise with its closed supraaural design, so all you'll have beating your ear drums is its rich stereo and powerful bass! Not only does it sound great, it feels great too because you can easily adjust the earcups for a more comfortable fit. If you ever wanna experience death by stereo, this baby is the way to go!

Now we head on over to the sportier one of the bunch: Sennheiser PMX 680! It's designed to stay securely in place even as you go running at your top speed. It's also water and sweat resistant, so come rain or shine you won't have an excuse to skip your work out routine! Its Dupont™ Kevlar® reinforced cable means you can take it through the ringer and it won't break easily! As for sound quality, you can never go wrong with its powerful stereo and high output drivers. Even more is its acoustic design, which lets in just enough noise for you to be aware of your outdoor environment.

For our finale, the Sennheiser MX 360, which seems like your standard earphone , but look inside and you'll see all the difference! It's got a world of goodies fit into one tiny package. You get a powerful bass-driven stereo and a high-performance dynamic driver system - all of which makes for superior high quality sound. An added bonus is the 2 sets of replacement earpads in case you lose the original set!

If you can hear that slight rumbling, that's the sound of audioholics scrambling to get their hands on these totally awesome Sennheiser sound machines. And we can't blame them! At these insane CashCashPinoy prices, who wouldn't want a piece of the action?! So what are you waiting for? Get your own now!

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