Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vida Nutriscience: P1500 for 1 Box of Shiro Glutathione (57% off)

P1500 instead of P3500 for a box of Shiro Glutathione from Vida Nutriscience

  • Groupon is valid for 3 months
  • May use and purchase multiple Groupons
  • To order, call +632.455.3900 or +632.927.9227
  • For Metro Manila deliveries, additional P50 applies
  • For provincial deliveries, additional P100 applies

  • Composed of 500mg L-Glutathione + 50 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid + 100mg Vitamin C
  • Contains 30 capsules
  • Whitens the skin
  • Glutathione helps treat blood disorders and detoxify the liver
  • BFAD approved

Vida Nutriscience Inc
#5 Ilang-Ilang St.
1106 Quezon City

In one of the most miraculous transformations in the natural world, an ugly caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon and emerges six to eight weeks later as either a beautiful butterfly or a much-uglier caterpillar. Revel in a more predictable and effective beautifying treatment with today's Groupon: P1500 instead of P3500 for a box of Shiro Glutathione from Vida Nutriscience.

With today’s Groupon, detoxifiers get 30 capsules of Shiro Glutathione, the recent product of Vida Nutriscience which was inspired by the frosted skin of that famous snowman kids sing about during Christmas. Each capsule contains an appropriate and harmless amount of friendly enzymes formulated to naturally bleaching skin from the inside such as 50 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100 mg Vitamin C. Its main component, L-Glutathione (500 mg) is a reputed antioxidant which helps treat blood disorders and clean the liver of heavy metals, toxins and alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, Glutathione is impervious to sorcery and is highly effective when taken in proper amounts, aiding in the reversal of melanin metabolism, miraculously turning dark pigments to lighter pigmentations and opening doors to the magical candy mountain, thus setting this product apart from other whitening agents. The pills are easy and painless to use, unlike the ancient stones used to rub the skin during baths in hopes to eradicate dead skin cells. Results can be visible in a matter of months, depending on skin color and favorite music genre and must be taken in once a day.

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