Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Akira Hair & Make-up Studio: P1160 for Hair Ultrasound Iron Treatment + Haircut (50% off)

P1160 instead of P2900 for a hair ultrasound iron treatment + haircut at Akira Hair & Make-up Studio

  • Groupon is valid for 3 months
  • Limit 1 Groupon per person per visit
  • May purchase a maximum of 6 Groupons
  • Appointment required, call +632.621.3460, +632.474.1819
  • Salon hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm
  • Black out period: Tuesdays

  • Uses new technology from Japan
  • Procedure takes around 60 minutes
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Includes neck massage

Akira Hair and Make-up Studio
A.Venue Event Mall, Makati Avenue
1200 Makati City

Maintaining a good head of hair is the most sought-after trait in a partner, right behind being able to recite the alphabet backwards and knowing how to bake a chocolate chip pizza. Attract others and keep seedling soulmates with today's Groupon: P1160 instead of P2900 for a hair ultrasound iron treatment + haircut at Akira Hair & Make-up Studio

Like many legendary singular named icons such as Sting, Bono, Cher or Oprah, Akira is a superstar tycoon in his own field. Once a top-stylist at a world-famous salon in London, Akira also rendered his services to many well-known hair and make-up fashion shows all around the world. After establishing a Hair & Make up empire in Tokyo, he then moved to the Philippines to share ideas, treatments and styles to his new found home. Akira Salon in Makati City offers several beautifying techniques straight from the pages of a J-pop Aesthetic journal. Akira Salon boasts not only a stylish and highly trained team that guarantee exceptional results but also unique and extraordinary quality machinery inherited from Optimus Prime himself. Mothers’ once used flat hot pressers in the 15th century to straighten clothes and occasionally their daughters’ hair during soirees is now outdated by the Ultrasound Iron Treatment. This new Iron technology is not hot on the surface. Therefore, instead of barbequing hair with a traditional iron, this high-tech treatment zip zaps vibrations, as soon as it touches the hair, signaling that the treatment is indeed penetrating into that fuzz, revitalizing hair into its undamaged state. This is the perfect remedy for hair weathered by straightening treatments like rebonding and coal ironing. Trust that Akira’s staff can re-style hair, and ditch the 80’s duo, transforming Sweet Deal holders into their original human form. Additionally, as Aladdin rubbed the golden lamp, releasing the genie from that cramped space, enjoy a neck rub after the hour-long treatment and feel a hundred years relieved.

With this Groupon, stop co-workers from asking if it’s windy outside. Style and straighten hair because messy unkempt mane can be both unpleasant to the eyes and extremely dangerous. Medusa doesn’t like competition.

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