Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vaxcen: P750 for Meningococcal Vaccination + FREE Limited Edition STOP MENINGO Watch. Download a Voucher for FREE! (70% off)

Only P750 on Meningococcal Vaccination plus a FREE Limited Edition STOP MENINGO watch at Vaxcen Inc. (valued at 2,500)

• Only Salamat.ph members are eligible to grab the coupon
• One (1) voucher is valid for one (1) vaccine dose
• Free (1) limited edition Meningo watch for the first 300 members who will avail of the Meningo Vaccine
• Promo voucher is valid at the branches located at #7 Scout Lazcano St. cor Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City and at #112-113 Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila
• Members can avail the home service vaccination with a minimal fee of P150 within Metro Manila.
• For reservations, members may call through 351-8888.
• Voucher is valid from August 1 to August 31, 2011.

Vaxcen Inc.
#7 Scout Lazcano St., Corner Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City
Metro Manila, PH
Phone: Phone: 351-8888 or 0922-8396150

The Deadly Infection – Meningococcemia

People are experiencing the gloomy weather forecasts in the country. People experience erratic changes of the weather that are mostly not beneficial to the health. There are days we feel the scorching heat and the blizzards of cold weather. These changes cause drastic effects to our health and therefore lower down our immune system. One infection is the fatal meningococcemia.

Meningococcemia is an acute and potentially life-threatening infection of the bloodstream. It is caused by a bacterium called Neisseria meningitidis, which lives, in a person’s upper respiratory track without visible symptoms. It is a communicable infection that is transmitted from person to person via respiratory secretions such as coughing, sneezing and kissing. Meningococcemia can kill more rapidly than any other infectious disease. Recognizing the disease is crucial to implement prompt antibiotic therapy and supportive care. Treatment must be instituted rapidly because irreversible shock and death may occur within hours of the onset of symptoms. Skin involvement can be the most dramatic aspect of the disease and is often the first sign that leads to the clinical consideration of meningococcemia.
What are the symptoms of Meningococcemia?

There may be few symptoms at first. Some may include:
* Anxiety
* Fever
* Headache
* Irritability
* Muscle pain
* Nausea
* Rash with red or purple spots

Later symptoms may include:
* Changing level of consciousness
* Large areas of bleeding under the skin
* Shock
Protect yourself from this deadly infection.

People with Meningococcemia are usually admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital, where they are closely monitored. It is not an infection that is to be taken lightly. The person may also be placed in respiratory isolation for the first 24 hours to help prevent the spread of the infection to others.

Vaxcen Inc. provides you with a highly recommended vaccine (especially for children) that covers some, but not all, strains of meningococcus. Whether you are a student, professional, or a parent, it is compulsory that you have yourself vaccinated as well as your family members. Those who live in tight and crowded spaces should also consider getting vaccinated too. Some residence establishments such as dormitories require new residents to get vaccinated a few weeks before settling in.

Prevent your family and yourself from getting carrying this lethal infection so you may continue to go through life with one less problem to worry about.
Get vaccinated at your own home!

The VAXCEN HomeRun is for you! Vaxcen HomeRun is vaccination convenience that is; administered in the comfort of your home, time and energy saving by eliminating clinic trips and practically affordable and more efficient than clinic rates. A minimal service fee of P150 is charged per visit.

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