Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The American Institute: P1000 for 30 Hours of English Classes (83% off)

P1000 instead of P6000 for 30 Hours of English Classes at The American Institute - Choose between any 4 Classes

  • Voucher validity: Aug. 8, 2011 until Feb. 8, 2012
  • Classes are subject to availability, please call for exact schedule and free slots
  • Price is Net (includes VAT)
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to relatives and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want

  • Learn to effectively communicate in English to improve your critical thinking skills for a development of a new dynamic personality and help build your confidence
  • The American Institute for English Proficiency is the premier destination for enhancing one's English speaking skills
  • Every participant will receive a certificate of participation
  • Experienced teachers
  • Dynamic teaching approach
  • Advance your linguistic skills
  • Choose from 4 different classes, each 30 hours
  • Valid for both locations (Makati, Baguio)

American Institute for English Proficiency
Valuepoint Executive Plaza
, 227 Salcedo Street, Suite 2G
, Makati City
Phone: 893-1566

ECC Building,
 39 Marcos Highway,
 Baguio City
Phone: (074) 424-6034 or (074) 244-2245

Like a pair of toy handcuffs, language unites people, and like a pair of cuffs with a missing key, the language bond can last a lifetime. Forge linguistic connections with today’s MetroDeal: For P1,000, get 30 hours of English lessons at the American Institute for English Proficiency and save proficient 84% on better articulation and grammar.

Although it is easier to learn a language during childhood, adults are fully capable of picking up and retaining new language skills. The learning process itself is akin to marathon training for lazy neural synapses and both students and professionals can benefit from AIEP's classes. Holding better meetings? Presenting more professionally? Or impress this someone special with eloquent speaking? At AIEP, you'll finally have the chance to dramatically improve your English skills.

Choose from four comprehensive classes, each consisting of 30 hours of interactive and exciting lessons. The first option is the CWIG (critical writing and intensive grammar) class - as one can guess, this is all about grammar and syntax of the English language for any learning level.

Or opt for the C3 (conversation fluency, critical thinking, confidence building) class, where you will be able to sharpen your speaking, listening and presentation skills. The third option is the PSG (public speaking with grammar) class. It's a combination of C3 and CWIG, but with greater focus on public speaking - ideally for the ones, who speak in front of teams or large groups on a frequent basis.

And if you think those were all options, you might also consider the CX (communication excellence) class. But regardless which class you will choose, the American Institute for English Proficiency will guarantee you a wonderful experience that will improve your English communication skills for good.

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