Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort Cebu: P1800 for Outdoor Adventure for 10 (60% off)

Cebu Exhilarating Adventure: P1800 instead of P4500 for an outdoor adventure for 10 at Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort

  • Groupon is valid for 3 months
  • Limit 1 Groupon for a group of 10, 2 Groupons for a group of 20
  • Booking required, call + 1 day in advance

  • Water slide + zipline + zip splash + monkey bridge
  • 1-hr fishing with unlimited bait
  • 2-hr trek with professional guide
  • Includes entrance fees
  • Includes equipment
  • Ideal for team building

Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort
Libo Ilaya
6018 Cebu City

Magellan sailed seas and voyaged far and wide to find the best place to spend a fun day with his crewmen. He landed in Cebu and found nothing but a place to build a playground. Celebrate the day explorers constructed a natural funland with today’s Groupon: P1800 instead of P4500 for an outdoor adventure for 10 at Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort.

Since the inception of television and Wi-Fi, the outdoors had been demoted off the fun list. Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort strives to bring back the good old days wherein people find enjoyment in swinging from tree to tree, working every single joint and muscle in the body while experiencing nature at its finest. This Groupon allows ten outdoorsmen to test the body’s maximum potential, while soaking in the greens and the blues of mother flora. Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort offers countless fun and sun filled activities. Enjoy reliving a childhood sliding down the water slide, feel like Tarzan hanging from the zipline, and test acrobatic Cirque du Soleil skills in the monkey bridge and the zip splash. Additionally, Groupon swashbucklers are tooled with rods and baits to fish for fish friends and compliments. Lastly with a choice of two hours of either river or mountain trekking, adventurers might just stumble upon the rare white zombie yeti searching for El Dorado gold.

Winner of the National Product Quality Excellence Award, Cebu Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort prides themselves outstanding facilities and activities. Switch that television off, log off Facebook and revive the good old days of outside of the roof fun. Though admittedly shopping malls and dance clubs may appear to be the best hangout place to date, nature will constantly remain to be man’s natural habitat.

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