Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pretty Useful: P60 for Write 'N' Wipe Magnets (50% off)

P60 instead of P120 for Write 'N' Wipe Magnets at Pretty Useful

  • Groupon is valid for 4 months
  • Limit 1 Groupon per person
  • To order, SMS +63.917.591.5002
  • Groupons are applicable on available items at the Pretty Useful website
  • Design choices must be submitted on or before August 19
  • Magnets will be ready for pick up after 30 days

  • Several designs to choose from
  • Fully erasable surfaces
  • Ideal for reminders
  • 3-inch by 7-inch magnets

Pretty Useful
Online Company
1200 Metro Manila

The heart of any home is the kitchen, and at the heart of this heart is the refrigerator where family members visit and offer their respects every twenty minutes. Leave loved-ones messages from the heart with today’s Groupon: P60 instead of P120 for Write 'N' Wipe Magnets at Pretty Useful.

Although early refrigerators served as oversized lunchboxes where food could be stored and condiments could be concealed, modern age has converted them into surfaces on which to attach magnets procured from long vacations and tourist destinations. Pretty Useful provides naked ice boxes with venues for covering up private parts. Write ‘N’ Wipe Magnets are handy for leaving messages. Designs like the Daily Instructions and the Bills to Pay are essential for reminding the husband to grab an extra carton of milk or asking the missus to replace the empty roll of tissue by the toilet. Forgetful Freds can worry no more as designs like Food Delivery Guide and Emergency Numbers leave a constant reminder as to what phone number should be dialed when ordering fried chicken or what number to call when choking on a wish bone.

Groupon holders, upon purchase, should visit the website then select the design they want. After selecting the design of their fancy, they have to call Pretty Useful to make their orders until August 19. After approximately one month, customizable magnets would have been buffed and shined and ready for pick up.

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