Monday, August 1, 2011

Bio-Trap: P3960 for Bio-Trap’s Black Hole & Air Clean Mosquito Trap (20% off)

At a Gupo-tastic 20% OFF, make the world a better and safer place to live in with the hippest, environmentally-friendly technology in air purifying and pest control by Bio-Trap!

  • Redemption period is from August 6, 2011 to December 6, 2011
  • Cannot be combined with other promos, packages or dicounts.
  • No cash back or credit for any unused amount.
  • For further information and inquiries please contact CCi Distributors at 0917 880 2777 or

CCi Distributors Inc.
Dispophil Bldg Escriva Drive Pasig City
0917 880 2777

Good day Gupo members, have we got an interesting pair of deals for you! Next stop on the nifty and nice list is Bio-Trap’s Black Hole and Air Clean Mosquito Traps!
Here at Gupo, we not only promote good food and healthy living, but also take seriously environmental concerns and movements for global greening too. We know what’s good for the environment and the world we live in, so for the glory of what’s good and real, we’re proud to present to you a back-to-back discount offer on this fantastic pair of gadgets that features only immediate and impressive results!

Photo-cata-what? Black Hole and Air Clean features a high quality design that uses ultra violet lamps and carbon dioxide generated by photo catalysis to lure mosquitoes and flying bugs. Mosquitoes always somehow even in the dark find their way to our skin --- this is due to the CO2 we breathe out and the warmth that we emit. Black Hole and Air Clean utilizes these same factors to decoy the mosquitoes into the trap.

Tired of those irritating mosquitoes that bother you at night? Pick up a Black Hole now and watch as those pesky pests get sucked into the newest (and not to mention hippest) technologically advanced mosquito trap of the decade! Say your goodbyes to those dirty and tacky outdoor exposed mosquito lamps, they have done their time and highly unhygienic share of unsightly trapping. With Black Hole and Air Clean, the mosquito victims are disposed of neatly and out of sight for you.

Set one up, indoors or outdoors, for your home and for the office, and experience a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. The Black hole features an outdoor heavy duty design, absolutely harmless on environment, livestock and pets as it is smoke and insecticide free. Air Clean is best for indoor installation as they doubly work as an air purifier that removes bad odors. It also features virtually no maintenance and very easy replacement of removable glue paper, the end point of Air Clean’s trapped mosquitoes. In both cases, Black Hole and Air Clean are designed to be antibiotic and self-cleaning --- in short, everything nifty and nice in one machine.

With Black Hole and Air Clean, you’ll never have to worry about unsightliness and inefficiency; it does the job and it does it exceptionally well. Start small and make your home and office environment cleaner and safer --- join us here at Gupo and make the world, bit by bit, a better place to live in.

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