Monday, August 1, 2011

Gizmo Luxe: P10499 for Sony J Series CyberShot DSC-J10 (25% off)

P10499 instead of P13999 for a Sony J Series Cyber-shot DSC-J10 from Gizmo Luxe

  • Groupon is valid for 2 months
  • May use and purchase multiple Groupons
  • To order, call or SMS +63.0915.519.7285 at least 3 days in advance
  • Pick up point: Makati City

  • 16.1 Mega Pixels
  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • Curvaceous, casual styling
  • USB arms for easy upload
  • Add P500 for 4GB Internal memory

Gizmo Luxe
Unit 5C Jag tower bldg
1008 Sampaloc City

Taking pictures is the best way to memorialize family gatherings, obtain blackmail material, and double-check loved ones' non-vampire status. Get ready to collect the evidence with today's Groupon: P10499 instead of P13999 for a Sony J Series Cyber-shot DSC-J10 from Gizmo Luxe.

Since a picture says a thousand words, multiply that a few times to immortalize both the important memories and the trivial but heartwarming daily happenings. The handy digital camera will make a great gift for anyone in the family or social circle. The Sony J Series Cyber-shot DSC-J10 is a stylish digital camera that allows for easy and portable memory immortalization. Unlike high-maintenance SLR cameras, digital counterparts let picture-takers live view without fear of bulky equipment or disdainful looks from jealous freelancers weary of being classified as a hipster or a scene stealer. Featuring enough practical features to rival Swiss Army knives, the Sony DSC-J10 includes 4x zoom for bird watchers and stalkers alike, a 2.7 inch photo LCD Screen and 16.1 Megapixels gives for extra emphasis on pores and pimples or lack thereof. The digicams come with a one-year warranty as well as multiple colors to allow cameras to withstand the changing colors of fashion. A sweep panorama mode ensures that wide room angles can be covered by a few simple clicks and repositionings of the casual looking curvy bodied camera.

For Groupon holders who take more pictures and need more memory, an additional P500 gets them a 4GB memory card. Setting appointments for redemption is as easy as calling +639158917285 and agreeing upon a meeting place in Makati.

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