Monday, July 25, 2011

Newsweek / Reader's Digest: P1770 (Newsweek) or P1596 (Reader's Digest) for 1-Year Magazine Subscription. FREE Delivery

Newsweek or Reader's Digest 1-YEAR Subscription! 46% OFF! Get international news, features, opinion and more! FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE!

  • Delivery starts with September issue.
  • Only valid for delivery.
  • Not valid with other offers.

  • It’s more than just news. It's the perfect way for you and your family to get trustworthy opinions and informative features!
  • Newsweek is one of the most trusted news sources for over 80 years now
  • Reader’s Digest is your handy guide to travel, entertainment, features and more.
  • FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE! Get it right at your doorstep anywhere in the country!

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Information is the currency of power. Make sure you get the latest with this informative CashCashPinoy deal! Just P1,770 instead of P3,277 for a 1-year subscription to Newsweek or just P1,596 instead of P2,596 for Reader's Digest and RD Book Subscription! Both comes with FREE delivery anywhere in the country. That’s an up-to-date 46% OFF on the most recent news and reliable opinions.

With this deal you’ll get 52 weekly issues of Newsweek, or you can get the 12 monthly issues of Reader’s Digest with the RD Book!

Newsweek is the only magazine that analyses and interprets events shaping the world from a truly global perspective. From politics to business, and technology to culture, Newsweek helps you fully understand world affairs and how they impact your life.

Every week it brings you commentary on key international trends and the interplay of dynamic forces within the international economic, political and social community. And all this is written by real-life experts in their field and supported by Newsweek's award-winning photography.

Reader’s Digest has been a family favorite reading material for years. An informative and entertaining mix of tips, trends, and inspiring reads, Reader’s Digest curates what’s best from the most trustworthy sources in media, then adds original reports and a healthy dose of humor.

For news and views that really matter, get it only from Newsweek. Have the power to make right and timely decisions with this CashCashPinoy deal.

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