Monday, July 25, 2011

School of Performing Arts: P175 for 1 Session OR P1300 for 8 Sessions of Dance Lessons

Dance classes! Only P175 for a one (1) session or P1,300 for eight (8) sessions at School of Performing Arts! Choose from Ballet or Hip-Hop for Kids and Teens or Body Jam for Adults!

  • Valid from August 15 to November 15, 2011
  • For Ballet Lessons, minimum of eight (8) sessions is requested.
  • Not valid with other promos.

  • Wide options ranging from ballet and Hip-Hop classes for kids and Body Jam sessions for adults!
  • Choose to avail of full 8 sessions or just session one-by-one! Your choice!
  • Kids benefit from learning how to dance ballet or Hip-Hop while getting a good work out from them too!
  • Body Jam is an intense work out session that stretches and pushes your body to the limit while having fun!
  • Classes to be held at the school's studio in Katipunan - very convenient and easy to get to!
  • Get and use as many vouchers as you want!

School of Performing Arts
Unit 521, 5th floor, Elizabeth Hall Bldg., Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Contact Number(s): 09175615788 / 9754419

Heya, kids out there! It's time to shake what you momma gave ya! And moms (or dads): don't think we forgot about you! Y'all be shaking your groove thing too! As if you can't tell from all the cliche, but this new exclusive CashCashPinoy is all about dancing, and boy! Have we got a lot to offer! Only here will you be able to enroll kids in a number of various dance classes or get yourself in shape with BodyJam for either P1,300 for eight (8) sessions or for a one (1) session of P175 - all from the School of Performing Arts (SPA)!

Yes, we dropped it like it's hot! Drop the price to 50% off the original rate 'cause this deal is smokin' hot!

Of course, you don't really have to be anybody's parent to join because this offer is good for everybody! However, the SPA does specialize in conducting good quality dance workshops, especially for the kids. These classes is not only good for developing kids' talents in the mighty fine art form of dance, particularly ballet, but they also serve as a good work out for kids! The earlier you get them started on this course, the better they will be when they grow up!

Speaking of work out, adults can get in on the action too! Body Jam is a revolutionary new work out routine that combines the best of Hip-Hop and aerobics into one sweat-inducing, adrenaline-pumping workout! The great thing about Body Jam is that you don't need to be a dancer to get into it. Instructors will ease you in with a great warm up, but don't get us wrong: The routine is still challenging and that is what makes it an effective work out! But hey, if you can hit the club, this should be no sweat, right?

These amazing dance classes will be held at Katipunan Ave., Quezon City - it's so convenient and so easy to reach, but do check out the schedules to make sure you and the little ones can find the right one to jive in! Other than that, there's not much else to but avail this CashCashPinoy deal right now and get your or kids' groove on!

*Dance lessons available:
Hip-Hop for Teens: 13-18 yo
Baby Ballet: 3-5 yo
Pre-primary: Ballet: 6-9 yo
Grade 1 Ballet: 10-12 yo
Ballet for Teens: 13-18 yo
Body Jam: 21 yo and above

*Dance Workshop Schedule:
Monday- Bodyjam 10:30-12nn; Ballet for Teens 6-7:30pm
Tuesday- Bodyjam 10:30-12nn; Kids Hiphop 4-5pm; Hiphop for Teens 6-7:30pm
Wednesday- Bodyjam 10:30-12nn; Baby Ballet 2:15-3:15pm; Pre-primary ballet 3:30-4:30pm; Grade 1 Ballet 4:45-5:45pm; Ballet for Teens 6-7:30pm
Thursday- Bodyjam 10:30-12nn; Kids Hiphop 4-5pm; Hiphop for Teens 6-7:30pm
Friday- Bodyjam 10:30-12nn; Ballet for Teens 6-7:30pm
Satruday- Bodyjam; 9-10:30am; Baby Ballet 11-12nn; Kids Hiphop 2-3pm; Pre-primary ballet 3:15-4:15pm; Grade 1 Ballet 4:30-6pm

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