Thursday, July 28, 2011

Singapore Perfumes: P400 for 1 Bottle of Perfume. Over 26 Scents to choose from! (50% off)

Attract, be trendy, make a statement, or simply smell good with SINGAPORE PERFUMES for as Low as Php400/each bottle

  • Available for pick-up at DealSPOT Philippines Office located at Unit 2D, #10 Eisenhower St., Goldland Tower, Greenhills San Juan from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
  • For inquiries call: 02-7275325
  • Redemption of vouchers is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.
  • Voucher holders need to present the printed e-voucher and VALID ID during redemption
  • Delivery is available upon request however; shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer. Kindly contact Ms. Dianna at 09175848463. Visit or for more details.
  • No returning of product after receipt and no cash back for any unused vouchers.

  • Singapore Perfumes from the number one and Pioneer Seller, at 50% off each bottle
  • Up to a choice of 26 scents for men and women, and addition of 3 variations for baby perfumes

Singapore Perfumes

Perfumes are anyone’s best accessory. Who doesn’t? Wearing just about anything plain, dressed-down, even clothing yourself with that cocktail dress or coat and tie, all won’t be complete without a scent to amuse everybody else. Be honest in why you want to buy a perfume. Is it simply to complement your natural everyday smell? Is it to avoid smelling so sweaty while working out or exercising? Or is it to attract people and be more desirable?

You may choose a milder musk because not everyone likes a certain fragrance and some may even be allergic to it. You can also use your perfume for daytime activities, light, floral and citrus-based fragrances often smell great; for after work celebrations or parties, spicy or amber-based fragrances are nice picks.

Singapore Original Perfume is classified as the second highest quality of perfume. With the use of the same ingredients as those of US Perfumes, Singapore Perfumes boasts of its lesser concentration of all the ingredients used that makes it milder.

With a choice of over 29 scents from the leading Singapore perfume distributor in the country and giving you a 50% off its price, who says you won’t smell great.

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