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Tomato’s Pad: Huge Discounts on 3 Beauty Products. Download a Voucher for FREE!

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Tomato's Pad
Metro Manila, PH
Phone: 09175640627 (Ms. Maureen Taruc)

Not all Asians look the same when it comes to skin color and tone. There are caucasians whose skin ranges from black to white with slight pinkish tinge, deep dark skin color, and immaculate light skin. There are Asians who are naturally proud about the color of their skin while a majority still wishes to look differently.

Most Filipinos are guilty about this. Filipino's skin contains high melanin that makes our skin look dark. Most of us are less than proud to admit it. Our perception towards having white or fair skin changed due to cultural and pop influences of other races into the country we see in either American, English, or Asian movies and affected our aesthetic point of view especially for ourselves. We formed a mentality that lighter-looking skin looks more fab, beautiful, and elegant. There's something about it that's being harped over and over again that makes us want to achieve light and porcelain-like skin.

Commercially-known products, such as pills and other over-the-counter drugs, lounged around the corner and are promoted by many derma-clinics and manufacturing companies. Filipinos, especially the Pinays, shell out huge amounts of money to these things but are nevertheless sure about the credentials contained. Some companies presently produced even imitated products that are less than 100% effective and sometimes fatal to the health.

Thanks to Tomato's Pad, they are paving the way for Filipinos to attain the complexion they desire in a bar and lotion that’s safer and cost-effective. Glutathione and other products can now be availed in the form of lotion, soap, and others.
‘G’ as Skin-Whitening Agent and Anti-Oxidant

Our body naturally contains an antioxidant called Glutathione (GSH) that protects cells from dangerous daily by-products of breathing oxygen and the toxic intrusions in water and food we take. It is a ‘tripeptide’ made of three different amino acids: glutamate, cysteine, and glycine that also aid numerous functions within the cells and as antioxidants crucial for the immune systems to function properly. It is the good guy that detoxifies chemicals in the liver.

Glutathione can be taken from anything healthy we eat. The rich dietary sources of it include fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. By taking large amounts on these enables a person to notice the gradual effects of Glutathione to the skin.

However, people are never too patient to embrace results in longer period of time. Many innovations were made throughout the years and Tomato’s Pad is one among those who promoted Glutathione products:

1.) Only P142.04 on 1st Health Glutathione New Light Formula Lotion (valued at P212)

This 120ml bottle was created to whiten and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet sun rays and lighten skins naturally. It helps moisturizes and revitalize the skin by providing radiant skin making a person looks desirable. This product has been attested and approved by dermatologists. Just apply a liberal amount on the whole body at least twice a day. Re-apply for prolonged sun exposure. For best results, this is applied along with 1st Health glutathione capsule and glutathione soap.

2.) Only P79.36 on 1st Health Glutathione Soap with Grapeseed Oil Extract (valued at P128)

This 135g glutathione soap bar is produced with more enhanced of modified glutathione properties that totally ward off imperceptible signs of aging, stress, and harmful elemnets affecting the skin. This bath soap should be preferably used and let it stay in 3-5 minutes on the skin before rinsing with water. For facial use, do not leave it on the face for more than 2 minutes.;

This soap acts as WHITENING & ANTI-AGING SOAP with three potent ingredients that make more wonders to beauty lovers.: ROSEHIP OIL, GRAPESEED & VITAMIN C.

Besides that it contains glutathione that’s proven to diminish the skin imperfections, the Rosehip oil attacks the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. . It has been proven that rosehip creates miracle specially in reducing pigmentation. Beauty experts attest to its powers. It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin by fixing damaged skin cells resulting in smoother skin.

The GRAPESEED OIL has moisturizing and nourishing properties. This product has long been used by experts and beauty aficionados for hundreds of years. The grapeseed oil was also extracted from the seeds( as by-product of manufactured wine) and is best absorbed into the skin. This is best used with those who have oily skin.

The VITAMIN C protects man against common skin imperfections like acne, blackheads and others.

3.) Only P360 on 1st Health Fit Right 150 mg Capsule (valued at P600)

This tea comes in different variants. Tomato's Pad offers the Green Tea , L-Carnitine, and Ampalaya flavors. This is sold for 60 capsules in a box and is administered from one to two capsules a day with beverage and after a meal or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Studies suggest that ampalaya contains a hypoglycemic polypeptide, a plant insulin responsible for its blood sugar lowering effect. Other benefits suggest body detoxification (including removal of nicotine), strengthening of the immune system and fertility regulation. Increasingly recommended as a supplement to traditional therapeutic regimen for diabetes mellitus.

L-CARNITINE supplement helps to optimize acid oxidation and assists in the return to normal weight. L-CARNITINE plays a central role in energy metabolism. It is an important amino acid that can help transport fats to the muscle to be burned as energy thereby promoting better utilization of body fat. It may also aid in weight loss and improve athletic performance.

The secret of GREEN TEA lies in the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenois, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant; besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels and inhibiting the abnormal function of blood clots. The latter takes on added importance when you consider that thrombosis (the formation of abnormal blood clots) is the leading cause of heart attacks and stroke.
Gluta is the Power Anti-Ageing and Whitening

Many have attested to the effectiveness of glutathione. If you are in the quest for the most effective, faster and safer approach to skin lightening, don't tighten your belt and get your own glutathione now!

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