Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eye Health and Safety Foundation: P500 for Comprehensive Vision Competence Assessment (50% off)

P500 instead of P4500 for comprehensive vision competence assessment Eye Health and Safety Foundation Inc

  • Groupon is valid for 3 months
  • Limit 1 Groupon per person per visit
  • Appointment Required, call +632.353.4448 or +632.359.2216
  • or +63.927.934.8156
  • Operating hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00am - 6:00pm, Wednesday and Friday are by appointment

  • Includes developmental eye movement + eye relax + wayne directional sequencer + test for visual perceptual skills
  • Assures improvement in academic performance
  • Addresses learning related visual problems
  • Ideal for students

Eye Health and Safety Foundation Inc.
Room 306, Medical Arts bldg., 11 Banawe
1113 Quezon City

Though commonly thought to be mere gibberish, the letters on eye charts are actually powerful incantations that, when spoken aloud, keep the sky-wolves from devouring the sun. Protect our planet's only source of illumination with today’s Sweet Deal: P500 instead of P4500 for comprehensive vision competence assessment Eye Health and Safety Foundation Inc.

EHSFI’s friendly staff shepherds clients toward sharper vision with a thorough ocular investigation that evaluates overall eye health. The Comprehensive Eye exam will check those peepers for ocular health, visual acuity, color perception, retinal and contrast sensitivity, depth perception and refraction, making sure that roses are still red and violets are still blue. Development Eye Movement is a test that provides an objective method of checking eye bludger activity during reading and non-reading tasks. This verifies the premise that the eye is a ball and the fluidity of its spinning is a necessity for multilateral awareness. The Eye Relax visual-spectrum is an optometry device clinically programmed to improve short-sightedness or myopia commonly caused by eyes worn out by consistent smooching with computer monitors or PlayStation portables. Wayne Directional Sequencer, which is the a secret off the books of Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods, includes pre-programmed activities for developing directionality, rhythm, eye and hand coordination, speed, color recognition, sequencing, visual memory, patterns, word and shape recognition. Lastly, Test of Visual Perceptual Skills allows one to make sense out of what he really sees enabling escape from angry ogres and attraction to roasted chicken.

Vertigo and paranoia have to stop. With this Groupon, Sweet Deal holders have a chance at hiking to the peak of Mt. Everest, roller coasters at Six Flags and maybe even the haunted mansion in Disney Land without any spatial miscalculations caused by an unruly eyeball.

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