Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iSpin iPod: Be a DJ for P3599 (55% off)

Always wanted to be a DJ? Buy an iSpin iPod @55% off!

  • Total Value: PHP 7999
  • Offer Price: PHP 3599
  • % Discount: 55%
  • Advance Payment: PHP 3599
  • Balance Payment: PHP 0

  • Need to have minimum of 5 sold in order for the deal to be ON/ ACTIVE
  • Limited quantity available.
  • Price is inclusive of Shipping fee.
  • Shipping will start on August 15, 2011

  • You can pay through GCash, BDO Bank deposit/transfer, Paypal. Payment details will be sent through your registered email address after you clicked Pay Now and continued with the process.
  • For BDO payment, please send the scanned copy of your deposit slip together with your complete name and eBay User ID, phone number/mobile number, email address.
  • For GCash Payment, please send the reference number of your transaction together with your name and eBay User ID, phone number/mobile number, email address.
  • For inquiries please email

Have a way of your own with sounds and beats but are yet to explore the musical side to yourself? Grab up the no-fuss iSpin iPod now available for just Php3599! Be the DJ you always wanted to be!
The iSpin is a cool new innovation in the world of DJ’s and music lovers alike and that at a very affordable price. Designed for dual iPod docking, it allows you to mix between two iPods using a cross fader and outputs to any amplifier or speakers through RCA outs. Create your own music style and remix music anywhere in an easy and entertaining way.

The iSpin iPod mixer from Sergio is the perfect device to set swing to your party. The iPod mixer makes for a fun toy with basic functions that allows you to be creative with sounds and is also ideal for those potential DJ powerhouses taking their first steps into the world of sounds and beats.

• Play iBuddy with three different combinations:
iPod + iPod.
MP3 player + MP3 player
iPod + MP3
• Play and simultaneously charge you iPod
• Two universal iPod docking stations accept all iPod models
• Music Mix
• Two sets of effects programs
a. Program 1: Reverb to infinity, flange, LP filter
b. Program 2: Pitch to zero, autophase, HP filter
• Programs 1 and 2 switch selectable
• Switch headphones between mix and cue channels
• Switch audio output between original sound and mix effect.
• Cross-fade music mix. Simultaneous occurrence of a fade-in and a fade-out.
• Microphone Mix
• Mic can be routed directly or through effects
• iPod not included

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